Taurus Raging Judge Ultra Lite

The Raging Judge Ultra-Lite comes with the option to load the .410 shotshell. Giving you the option to choose from .410 3-inch or 2.5-inch shotshells and .45 Colt ammo. The Raging Judge Ultra-Lite has a 7-shot cylinder, larger than its brothers in the Judge line and offers the “Raging Bull” backstrap to reduce felt recoil. Larger, 7-Shot Cylinder.
513ULB3 / 513ULB6 / 513ULSS3 / 513ULSS6

Type Revolver
Place of origin United States
Production History
Manufacturer Taurus

  • 41.4 oz. 513ULB3 / 513ULSS3
  • 47.2 oz. 513ULB6  / 513ULSS6
  • 10.2" inch. 513ULB3 / 513ULSS3
  • 14.1" inch. 513ULB6  / 513ULSS6
Barrel length 
  • 3.0" inch. 513ULB3 / 513ULSS3
  • 6.5" inch. 513ULB6  / 513ULSS6 
Caliber 3" Magnum .410ga. / .45LC
Action DA/SA
Feed system 7 round cylinder
Sights Fixed